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Annual Health Plans

Free Delivery of Health Plan Products

To help our loyal clients with pets on Health Plans at Temevets through this difficult period of social distancing we are happy to announce that we have now signed up to Post2Pet from Premier Vet Alliance. With this service you can now receive your routine flea and worm products direct to your home address free of charge. Please let us know if you wish to include this service in your Health Plan.

Many people are looking for ways to spread costs. Most responsible owners have their pets vaccinated against important diseases and treated for important problems like fleas and worms. For some of us this is on an occasional basis when we 'remember'. We can do better than this ensuring healthier pets.

By buying an Annual Health Plan package we can help by both ensuring the health of your pet and offering you a substantial saving. You can buy an Annual Health Plan for your pet at one of our surgeries by setting up a Direct Debit Instruction. Please bring your bank account details and identification such as a passport or driving licence to the surgery and one of our staff will be happy to help you set it up.

Our puppy and kitten health plans come with a 10% discount on neutering. You can decide to pay the full amount (with the 10% discount) at the time of neutering or you can add the cost to your Annual Health Plan to spread the cost. Please choose your Health Plan accordingly.

Our Vet Practice has specific terms and conditions regarding the purchase of Health Plans, so please read them carefully before considering purchasing or cancelling a Health Plan.

Your monthly payments may change in line with our Vet practice pricing in the future. You are notified by email about any price change at least seven days before the next payment.

If direct debit payments cannot be taken successfully then our Health Plan terms and conditions will apply. Please be aware that you may incur admin fee charges in case of failed direct debit payments.

For Adult dogs the Annual Health Plan depends on the weight of your dog. For puppies the Annual Health Plan depends on the anticipated adult weight.

For more information on plans, including pricing, please click on the relevant pictures below.

Please follow the secure link to sign up for an Adult Dog Annual Health Plan.

Please follow the secure link to sign up for a Puppy Annual Health Plan.

Please follow the secure link to sign up for an Adult Cat Annual Health Plan.

Please follow the secure link to sign up for a Kitten Annual Health Plan.

If you require further information or guidance on plans including neutering, please contact one of the branches.

It is important to treat our dogs and cats regularly against a variety of worms to keep them healthy and to help protect human health. There are different kinds of parasites and different risks at different ages and lifestyles for both dogs and cats. Therefore, it is difficult to provide off the peg treatment that fits all eventualities, especially regarding the different lifestyles of adult dogs. Our Annual Health Plans uses a combination of wormers that offers a sound schedule. Our worming schedule is particularly recommended for dogs kept in households with young children as it reduces any potential human risk from roundworms. It is also designed to cover the new threat to dogs of lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) which we believe to be on the increase in our area. For more information about worming your dog or cat please feel free ask our vets and nurses in the practice so that advice can be individually tailored.

It is essential to get the correct weight of your pet and we recommend weighing in the practice for accuracy. This is in order to make sure we don't under or overdose your pet.